Save Cooper Park

NEW! Voter education guides for November 2018 election for Mountain View City Council and MVWSD Board of Trustees. See the positions on Cooper Park development as provided by the candidates: click here for City Council candidates and click here for MVWSD Board candidates.

Our Mission:

Stop the development of a gigantic housing and apartment complex in Cooper Park.  Keep the former Cooper School site as public land with open space and youth sports fields, instead of selling it off to developers.

What's happening to cooper park?

Click here to see the details of the proposed development in Cooper Park, and see Frequently Asked Questions for additional information and updates.

Why is this a bad idea?

Click here to find out why this plan will be counterproductive and ultimately harmful to our schools and our community.

What can I do to help save cooper park?

Click here to find out how you can take action against this plan.